Christchurch Signage Services

Christchurch Signage ServicesChristchurch Signage ServicesIf you want to sell your home, eye-catching and professional signage is one of your most important and most effective tools. We at Image Group Services in Christchurch are very aware of that and complement our professional property photography, signage design and printing with a fast, reliable and competent signage service including sign installations and sign removals.

We can provide you with high resolution digitally in-house printed or vinyl cut signage designed to your specifications. We offer standard signage sizes, but literally any sign or overlay size is possible, please contact us to find out more. Please also ask us about the different possibilities on offer for permanent signage.

Once your signage is printed, it is our pleasure to help you with the sign installation– be it a temporary small sign on a fence or permanent, free-standing billboard sized signage. We offer our general installation signage service in an area covering Christchurch and Canterbury. Within a 10km radius around Christchurch Cathedral Square no mileage charge applies.

We can also help you to keep the information on your signs up to date. We cater for any overlay requirements in the respect of printing and applying onto existing signage.

For our registered customers: Please click here to order a sign install or removal.